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Malays. Appl. Bwl. (December 2002) 31(2): 9-18



1Suratthani Inland Fisheries Development Centre, Phunphin, Suratthani 84130, Thailand
2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies, University Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang Selangor, Malaysia
3 Department of Agriculture Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
4National Aquaculture Genetics Research Institute, Klong Ha, Klong Loung, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand


Allozyme markers have proved to be very powerful to study genetic variation at interspecific level. Horizontal starch gel electrophoresis have been applied to differentiate the bagrids and tachysurids: Mystus nemurus, M. cavasius, M. gulio, Tachysurus caelatus and T. truncatus. The samples were collected from the Tapee River in the southern part of Thailand. Four tissues, heart, liver, kidney and muscle, from individual fish were analysed at 22 enzymatic loci. Eleven loci (52.38%) were found to be polymorphic (at p<0.05) namely Acp*. Aat-1*. Est*. Gpi-1*. Gpi-2*. Idh*. Me*. Pgm*. 6Pgd*. Sod* and Hb*. The percentage of polymorphic loci ranged from 14.3% in T. caelatus to 38.1% in M. nemurus. The highest mean heterozygosity was found in T. truncatus population (0.121 ±0.048) and the lowest in M. cavasius (0.026±0.014). The genetic distances among Mystus species ranged from 0.167 to 0.364 while the value oi 0.359 was found between the two species of Tachysurus. The genetic distance between Mystus and Tachysurus ranged from 0.693 to 0.878 indicating that both genera are rather distantly related to one another.


Penanda alozim telah terbukti berkesan untuk mengkaji variasi genetik pada paras interspesifik. Elektroforesis gel kanji horizontal telah diguna untuk membezakan bagrid dan tachysurid : Mystus nemurus, M. cavasius, M. gulio, Tachysurus caelatus dan T. truncatus. Sampel telah dikumpul dari Sungai Tapee di selatan Thailand. Empat tisu, jantung, hati, ginjal dan otot daripada individu ikan dianalisis pada 22 lokus enzim. Sebelas lokus (52.38%) didapati polimorfik (p<0.05) iaitu Acp*, Aat-1*, Est*, Gpi-1*, Gpi-2*, Idh*, Me*, Pgm*, 6Pgd*, Sod* and Hb*. Peratus lokus polimorfik menjulat daripada 14.3% dalam T caelatus ke 38.1% dalam M. nemurus. Min heterozigositi tertinggi telah didapati dalam populasi T.truncatus (0.121 ±0.048) dan terendah dalam M. cavasius (0.026±0.014). Jarak genetik dikalangan spesies Mystus menjulat daripada 0.167 ke 0.364 sementara nilai 0.359 telah dijumpai dalam kedua-dua spesies Tachysurus. Jarak genetik diantara Mystus dan Tachysurus menjulat daripada 0.693 ke 0.878, ini menunjukkan bahawa kedua-dua genera mempunyai pertalian yang jauh diantara satu sama lain.

Key words: Genetic variation, Mystus, Tachysurus, catfish, electrophoresis, allozyme


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