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Malays. Appl. Biol. (2005) 34(1): 65-69

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Malays. Appl. Biol. (2005) 34(1): 65-69



Institute of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Tehran,

P.O.Box 13145-1384, Tehran, Iran

E-mail: yazdan@ibb. ut. ac. Ir


The unexpected enhancement of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity in the serum of a group of STZ-diabetic rats receiving the Teucrium polium extract (with hypoglycaemic property) may be attributed to its probable side effects. In order to get more precise knowledge about this subject, we evaluated the effect of T. polium extract on the plasma membrane ALP activity of the K562 cell line. Our data indicated that upon treatment of the cells with a single effective dose of T. polium extract, the ALP activity in the culture medium increased by 20%, while the corresponding activity in the plasma membrane of the same cells decreased (20%). These observations clearly indicate that T. polium is capable of damaging the plasma membrane by enhancing the solubilization of one of its major components, ALP. Regarding the medical significance of ALP and also these data, the pharmaceutical consumption of T. polium extract, as a hypoglycaemic aid, should be carefully supervised by medical staffs.


Peningkatan aktiviti alkali fosfatase (ALP) dalam serum pada satu kumpulan tikus STZ-diabetic yang menerima ekstrak Teucrium polium (dengan ciri hipoglisemia) mungkin akibat kesan sampingan. Untuk mendapatkan kepastian, kesan ekstrak T. polium ke atas aktiviti ALP membran plasma pada titisan sel K562 telah dilakukan. Hasil menunjukkan bahawa dengan satu dos efektif ekstrak T. polium, aktiviti ALP dalam kultur media meningkat sebanyak 20% manakala aktiviti dalam membran plasma menurun sebanyak 20%. Ini menunjukan bahawa T. polium boleh memberi kesan buruk kepada membran plasma dengan merosakkan satu komponen utama iaitu ALP. Memandangkan ekstrak ini berkemungkinan memberi kesan yang buruk, pengambilannya perlu dilakukan di bawah pengawasan doktor.

Key words: Alkaline phosphatase, cell viability, K.562, Teucrium polium


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