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Malays. Appl. Biol. (June 2002) 31(1): 9-12



Jabatan Biologi, Fakulti Sains dan Pengajian Alam Seldtar, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400, Serdang, Selangor


Flavonoid constituents were isolated from a sea-tape grass, Enhalus acoroides. Three flavone glycosides, luteolin 7,4'-diarabinoside, luteolin 3'7-dirhamnoside, chrysoeriol 7-xyloside accompanied by two flavonol-related compounds were identified by chemical evidence and UV spectroscopy. Luteolin and chrysoeriol have been found before in Elodea canadensis and Stratiotes aloides, but this is the first record of the respective aglycones in E. acoroides.


Juzuk-juzuk flavonoid telah diasingkan dari rumput "sea-tape", Enhalus acoroides. Tiga flavon glikosida, luteolin?,4-diarabinosida, luteolin 3'7-diramnosida, krisoeriol 7-zilosida bersama-sam dengan dua flavonol iaitu sebatian yang berkaitan rapat telah diidentifikasikan melalui bukti kimia dan spektroskopi UV. Luteolin dan krisoeriol telah pun dijumpai sebelumnya di dalam Elodea canadensis dan Stratiotes aloides, tetapi kini ianya pertama kalinya dilapurkan di dalam E. acoroides.

Key words: Enhalus acoroides, constituents, flavone, flavonol


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