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Malays. Appl. Biol. (June 2002) 31(1): 21-26



Department of Crop Science,

Universiti Putra Malaysia

43400 UPM Serdang

Selangor, Malaysia


Young mangosteen (Gardnia mangostana L.) of one and half year-old were grown in the field under shade and watering regimes. A group of plants were grown under 60% shade achieved by using black nylon net and was either watered daily or water withheld. The other group of plants was grown without shading with either well watered or water withheld. The experiment was conducted under field condition during dry season at the experimental plot in Kelantan, East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Leaf water potential, photosynthetic rate and leaf conductance were determined daily for 9 days after transplanting. Leaf water potential was reduced to -2.5 MPa after 5 days exposure to water stress and unshaded conditions. Under shaded condition, leaf water potential of water stressed plants was significantly higher than unshaded condition. The relationship between leaf water potential and stomatal conductance in both treatments under unshaded condition showed a continuous decreased of stomatal conductance as leaf water potential decreased. Plants grown under well-watered -unshaded, water stressed - shaded and water stressed - unshaded showed a gradual decreased in stomatal conductance. This had resulted to a similar decreased in photosynthetic rate. After 3 days of exposing plants to water stressed and unshaded condition, photosynthetic rate was reduced to -O.S/imolm^s-1. Data from the well watered and water withheld under unshaded conditions presented an increased in bleaching and necrosis on the leaves.


Anak benih manggis berumur satu setengah tahun dari tapak semaian di pindahkan ke ladang untuk di tanam dengan rawatan teduhan dan kedapatan air. Sebahagian pokok di tanam di bawah 60% teduhan yang di capai dengan menggunakan jaringan nilon berwarna hitam samada di beri air setiap hari atau di biarkan tanpa pengairan. Sebahagian pokok lagi di tanam tanpa teduhan dengan rawatan pengairan yang sama. Penyelidikan ini di lakukan semasa musim kemarau di tapak penyelidikan di Kelantan, Pantai Timur Semenanjung Malaysia. Potensi air daun, kadar fotosintetik dan konduksi daun ditentukan setiap hari selama 9 hari selepas pemindahan pokok. Potensi air daun menurun kepada -2.5 Mpa selepas 5 hari di dedahkan kepada tegasan air dan tanpa teduhan. Potensi air daun bagi tanaman yang didedahkan kepada tegasan air dan berada di bawah teduhan adalah tinggi berbanding dengan tanpa teduhan. Terdapat perkaitan yang menunjukkan pengurangan konduksi stomata apabila berlaku pengurangan potensi air daun. Pokok yang berada dalam keadaan pemberian air penuh-tanpa teduhan, tegasan air-teduhan dan tegasan - tanpa teduhan menunjukkan pengurangan konduksi stomata secara perlahan. Ini telah menyebabkan pengurangan yang sama kepada kadar fotosintesis. Selepas 3 hari di dedahkan kepada tegasan air dan tanpa teduhan, kadar fotosintesis menurun kepada -0.3 /tmolm-zs-1. Terdapat peningkatan kepada kelunturan dan kelecuran daun apabila pokok berada dalam keadaan tanpa teduhan.

Key words: mangosteen, survival, physiological processes, shading, water stress.


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