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Malays. Appl. Biol. (2009) 38(2): 55–60



1 Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
2 Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Malaya 50603 Kuala Lumpur.
*E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Fluorescence imaging of mouse oocytes matured in both in vivo (IVO) and in vitro (IVM) conditions was carried out to study and compare the distribution and arrangement of the nuclear materials (NM), meiotic spindles (MS), cortical granules (CG) and microtubule-organising centres (MTOC) between the metaphase I (MI) and metaphase II (MII) oocytes in three different strains of mice. The frequencies of IVO MI oocytes detected were 67.5±9.8%, 69.2±5.1% and 64.2±19.6%, respectively, in F1, ICR and C57BL/6J. The corresponding frequencies of the IVM counterparts observed in each strain were 77.4±10.8%, 56.3±17.8% and 78.9±17.2%, respectively. The MII oocytes were found to be significantly lower than MI in both conditions. There were 21.2±7.7%, 27.3±5.5% and 34.8±20.4%, respectively, of the IVO MII oocytes in F1, ICR and C57BL/6J and 6.76±3.4%, 47.8±16.5% and 19.0±7.8%, respectively, of IVM MII stage in the corresponding strains. The IVM MII oocytes in ICR strain was significantly higher than that detected in the other strains. The study has established some relationships between selected structures of oocytes with their maturation stages in different culture conditions.


Pengimejan berpendafluor oosit mencit yang matang secara in vivo dan in vitro telah dijalankan untuk mengkaji dan membandingkan penyerakan dan penyusunan bahan nukleus (NM), gelendong meiosis (MS), granul kortikal (CG) dan pusat penyusunan mikrotubul (MTOC) antara oosit metafasa I (MI) dan oosit metafasa II (MII) dalam tiga jenis mencit. Kekerapan oosit MI IVO yang telah dikesan ialah 67.59.8%, 69.2±5.1% dan 64.2±19.6%, masing-masing, dalam F1, ICR dan C57BL/6J. Manakala kekerapan oosit MI IVM pula ialah 77.4±10.8%, 56.3±17.8% and 78.9±17.2%, masing-masing. Didapati oosit MII adalah rendah secara signifikan berbanding dengan MI bagi kedua-dua keadaan pematangan. Terdapat 21.2±7.7%, 27.3±5.5% and 34.8±20.4% MII IVO, masing-masing, bagi F1, ICR and C57BL/6J dan 6.76±3.4%, 47.8±16.5% dan 19.0±7.8%, bagi peringkat MII IVM, masing-masing. Peringkat MII IVM oosit ICR adalah lebih tinggi secara signifikan berbanding dengan peratus yang dikesan dalam strain lain. Kajian ini menampilkan sebahagian perhubungan antara struktur terpilih oosit dengan peringkat pematangannya dalam kultur yang berbeza.

Key words: Fluorescence imaging, Oocyte maturation


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