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Volume 39(2): December 2010

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover: Dehulled seeds of a transgressive variant with red pericarp derived from Oryza sativa ssp. indica cultivar MR219 × Oryza rufipogon accession IRGC105491 (581KB). Courtesy of Parviz Fasahat.

Research Articles

A preliminary study on the use of gastropod-sediment accumulation factors (GSAFs) to identify gastropods as potential biomonitors of heavy metals
Yap, C.K. and Edward, F.B.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (222KB)|pp.1|

Tissue culture isolation, electron microscopic characterization and PCR-detection of a Betanodavirus isolated from diseased Asian sea bass (Lates calcarifer)
Mayada, F.H., Hassan, M.D., Suri, A.S. and Hair-Bejo, M.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (615KB)|pp.7|

The gill of Perna viridis as a major route entry for Pb: A laboratory study
Yap, C.K.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (158KB)|pp.15|

Selected Research Articles from the 11th Symposium of The Malaysian Society of Applied Biology 2010

Guest editors : Farah Diba Abu Bakar (Chief), Abdullah Samat, Che Radziah Che Mohd. Zain, Masni Mohd. Ali, Nazlina Ibrahim, Norrakiah Abdullah Sani, Ramlan Omar and Zamri Zainal

Anti-HSV-1 activity of Cymbopogon nardus (L.) Rendle fractions
Adibah, A.B., Nazlina, I. and Ahmad, I.B.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (99KB)|pp.19|

Expression and characterisation of a recombinant Encoglucanase A (EglA) from Aspergillus niger
Nurulermila Minor, Abdul Munir Abdul Murad, Nor Muhammad Mahadi,Rosli Md Illias and Farah Diba Abu Bakar
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (596KB)|pp.25|

Kepelbagaian mikroorganisma tanah daripada Taman Paku Pakis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Mohamad Razid, B.A.S., Herryawan Ryadi, B.E.D. and Nazlina, I.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (313KB)|pp.31|

Isolation and plant growth-promoting properties of Rhizobacterial Diazotrophs from pepper vine (Piper nigrum L)
Zakry, F.A.A., Halimi, M.S., Abdul Rahim, K.B., Osumanu, H.A., Wong, S.K., Franklin, R.K., Stephen, L.C.T. and Make, J.
|Abstract & References| Full Text PDF (80KB)|pp.41|

Research Note

Normalization of heavy metal concentrations of the tropical coastal surface sediments by using the metal geochemical resistant fraction
Yap, C.K.
| Full Text PDF (137KB)|pp.47|

Feeding behavior and predatory efficiency of Sycanus dichotomus Stal. on oil palm bagworm, Metisa plana Walker
Syari, J., Muhamad, R., Norman, K. and Idris, A.B.
| Full Text PDF (438KB)|pp.51|

A comparative study of heavy metal concentrations in the clam Corbicula javanica and surface sediments collected from clean and polluted sites of Langat River, Selangor
Yap, C.K. and Mohd Khairul, I.M.H.
| Full Text PDF (779KB)|pp.57|

Relationships between biodiversity indices of macrobenthic invertebrates and some water chemical parameters in Semenyih River
Yap, C.K.
| Full Text PDF (113KB)|pp.63|






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