Malaysian Applied Biology Journal

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Volume 28(1) & (2) : June & December 1999

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Full Research Article

Immune cell population harbouring virus in equine herpesvirus type-1-infected mice
M.L. Mohd-Azmi
| Abstract & References | pp. 1 |

Preliminary study on the optimum level of giant mimosa (Mimosa pigra L.), a noxious tropical weed, as practical diets for the culture of hybrid red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.)
Lim Sok Hoon and Ahyaudin B. AH
| Abstract & References | pp. 13 |

Convergences in within-plant distribution of Aphis gossypii glove (Homoptera: Aphididae) and its predator Menochilus sexmaculalus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on chilli plants
Hassan, S.T.S., Lee, F.C., Hussein, M.Y., Maisin, N. and M.M. Rashid
| Abstract & References | pp. 19 |

Antimicrobial susceptibility and plasmid profiles of Salmonella enteritidis isolates from human and poultry
C.F. Loke, Raha, A.R., Rusul, G., Son Radu, and Yusoff, K.
| Abstract & References | pp. 29 |

Growth response of sentang seedlings to nitrogen and phosphorus application
Ong Kian Huat, Kamis Awang and Thomas W. Kimmerer
| Abstract & References | pp. 37 |

Effect of calcium antagonist on the calcium and cholesterol levels of guinea pig fed on high calcium diet
Zuraimay, Z., Zamri, B., Sharifa, A.A. and Mohd Azman, A.B.
| Abstract & References | pp. 43 |

RAPD-PCR analysis, antibiotic resistance and plasmid profiles of Escherichia coli isolated from village and broiler chicken
Son Radu, Samuel Lihan, Gulam Rusul and Zuraini Mat Issa
| Abstract & References | pp. 49 |

Some morphological and biological peculiarities of Microplitis prodeniae Rao et Chandry (Hym., Braconidae) an internal parasitoid of the cutworm (Spodoptera litura) on soybean
Dang Thi Dung and Ha Quang Hung
| Abstract & References | pp. 59 |

Composition of parasitic insects of soybean cutworm and eco-biological characteristics of Microplitis prodeniae Rao et Chandry (Hym.: Braconidae) parasitic on Spodoptera litura F. (Lep.: Noctuidae) in Hanoi and surrounding areas in Vietnam
Dang Thi Dung and Vu Quang Con
| Abstract & References | pp. 63 |

The effects of extracellular calcium on acetylcholinesterase activity in haruan, Channa striatus and cockles, Anadara granosa
Abdul Manan Mat Jais, Muhammad Zin Mohamed, Hasiah Abdul Hamid and Abdul Salam Abdullah
| Abstract & References | pp. 69 |

Immunostimulatory effects of levamisole and egg white powder on humoral and cellular immunity to Newcastle Disease vaccination
M. O. Abdalla, M.E.H. Mohammed, A.S. All, MM. Mukhtar and M.L. Mohd-Azmi
| Abstract & References | pp. 73 |

Mendelian inheritance of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers in the river catfish, Mystus nemurus
Chong, L.K., Tan, S.G., Siraj, 5.5., Christianus, A. and Yussof, K.
| Abstract & References | pp. 79 |

Polymerase chain reaction for detection of pseudorabies virus DNA in infected mouse tissues
M.L. Mohd-Azmi, A.S. Alt, N. Musa and /. Aim
| Abstract & References | pp. 85 |

The reproductive cycle of male insectivorous bat, Scotophilus kuhlii, from Peninsular Malaysia
S.M. Bong, G.S. Yew, A. ZubaidnndA.B. Kamis
| Abstract & References | pp. 93 |

Assessment of detoxifying enzymes in Callosobruchus maculatus resistance against legumes
Janarthanan, S., Venugopal, K.J. and 5. Ignacimuthu
| Abstract & References | pp. 99 |

List of pimplinae species (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) at Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Malaya, insect collection centre
Azidah A. A.
| Abstract & References | pp. 105 |

Effects of styrylpyrne derivative (SPD) on expression of bcl-2 and box genes in human ovarian carcinoma cell line, Caov-3
Teoh, P.L. and Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P.
| Abstract & References | pp. 107 |

Correlation of CA2+ion and acrosome reaction with presentation of Ml fusion protein in hamster spermatozoa
Mahanem Mat Noor, M.G. Jumaidah and H.D.M. Moore
| Abstract & References | pp. 113 |

An antitumor-styrylpyrone derivative (SPD) lowers serum cholesterol levels and atherosclerotic lesions in hypercholesterolemic rats
M. Y. Seri Chempaka, L.P. Azimahtol Hawariah, A.S. Halimah and M.S. Hasidah
| Abstract & References | pp. 125 |

Short Communication

DNA diversity among poultry isolates of Salmonella chincol detected by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) fingerprinting
Sahilah, A.M., Son Radu, Endang, P., Rusul, G. and Samuel, L.
| pp. 9 |

A note on the effectiveness of aloe vera (Aloe chinensis) on wound healing in mice
A. Salam Abdullah and P.K. Yau
| pp. 25 |

Notes on substrate specificity for 0-Demethylation by Acetobacterium woodii
Mohd Sahaid Kalil, Muhammad Zaki and Gillian M. Stephens
| pp. 119 |

Notes on oxygen consumption and some related blood parameters in two species of bats (Cynopterus brachyotis and Scotophilus kuhlii) found in Peninsular Malaysia
A. Asogan, A. Zubaid and A.B. Kamis
| pp. 123 |



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