Malaysian Applied Biology Journal

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Volume 27(1) & (2):June & December 1998

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Conservation and utilisation of botanical diversity in Malaysia
A. Latiff
| Abstract & References | pp. 1 |

Analysis of 0-phthaldialdehyde precolumn derivatized physiological amino acids
Lean Teik Ng and Anderson G. H.
| Abstract & References | pp. 13 |

Biological and economic performances of broiler chickens fed mashed or pelleted diet
Zulkifli I. and A. H. Ramlah
| Abstract & References | pp. 21 |

Inheritance of bacterial wilt resistance in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.
Saad Osman Abdalla and Hiryati Abdullah
| Abstract & References | pp. 25 |

Biochemical characterization of autotetraploids of garden pea (Pisum xaliviini L.)
Ratan Tiwari and H. Kumar
| Abstract & References | pp. 33 |

Formothion-induced biochemical changes in blood and tissues of a freshwater catfish, Heleropneusies fosiilis
Narendra N . Singh and Anil K. Srivastava
| Abstract & References | pp. 39 |

Effects of active molluscicidal agents of common spices on biochemical parameters in the ovotestis of Lymnueu acumintila
Sanjay Singh, V.K. Singh and D.K. Singh
| Abstract & References | pp. 45 |

Life cycle of the broad mite Polyphagularsonemus latitx Banks (Acari:Prostigmata;Tarsonemidae) and its innate proliferating capacity on chilli
Y.B. Ibrahim and T.H. Low
| Abstract & References | pp. 51 |

Influence of host food plant on Diadegma insiilare Cresson. a parasitoid of diamondback moth, Pluiella xylostella L.
Idris Bin Ahd. Ghani and Edward J. Grafius
| Abstract & References | pp. 57 |

Optimization of cytotoxicity assay for estimating CD50 values of plant extracts and organometallic compounds
A.M. Marini, I.B. Ahmad. M. D. Yahya and B. M. Yamin
| Abstract & References | pp. 63 |

Prevalence and ecology of fresh water snails in Punjab
A.Maqbool. C.H.Hayat. T. Akhtar. A. D. Anjum and B. Hayat
| Abstract & References | pp. 69 |

Gas exchange characteristics and leaf chlorophyll content of two local hosts infected by jarum mas (Striga asiatica)
M.F. Ramlan. M.T.M. Mahamed and S.A. Hassan
| Abstract & References | pp. 73 |

Population genetic structure of baung, Mystus nemurus (C & V). in Malaysia
Siti Shapor Siraj. Siti Khalijah Daud, Aruah Othman and Tan Soon Guan
| Abstract & References | pp. 77 |

Studies on the resistance status of cocoa mirid to y-HCH, cypermethrin and deltamethrin
Dzolkifli Omar, Rita Muhamad and Liew Voon Kheong
| Abstract & References | pp. 83 |

Effects of shading on the initial growth of ten indigenous Malaysian timber species
Mohd Zaki Hamzah
| Abstract & References | pp. 87 |

Comparison of lignin degrading enzyme productivity by free and immobilized cells of Phaneriicliaele chrystanorium in agitated cultivation vessel
Darah I. and Ibrahim C. O.
| Abstract & References | pp. 91 |

Impact of virginity, antennectomy and density of host seeds (Vigna spp.) on the fecundity of Catlosohruchus maculutia Fabricius (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
Seenivasagan R. and Ignacimuthu S.
| Abstract & References | pp. 101 |

Preliminary study of tank culture of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, in outdoor fiberglass tanks
Ahyaudin B. Ali and Cheah Huey Cheng
| Abstract & References | pp. 105 |

Contrasting charactenstics of eggs laid by females from single cohort of Menochilus sexmaculatus Fabr. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
Maisin N.. S. T S. Hassan. M. Y. Hfssamamd A. S. Sajap
| Abstract & References | pp. 113 |

Genetics of seedling emergence in wheat (Triticium aestivum L.)
A. K. Singh. R. Dhari. B. D. Singh and A. K. Joshi
| Abstract & References | pp. 119 |

Short Communication

Contact toxicities of etofenprox and bendiocarb against the odorous house ant (Tapinomu sessile Say)
A.S.C. Chong. L C. Gabriel. C. Y. Lee and H.H.Yap
| pp. 127 |

The rooting of sentang (Azadirachta excelsa L.) as affected by the number of nodes, length and diameter of cuttings
Liew Teik Kooi and Chris K. H. Ten
| pp. 131 |

Molecular typing of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 by pulse field gel electrophoresis
Son Radu. Zainuri A., Rusul G., Zaiton H., Sahilah A. M. Morigaki, T. and Nishibuchi M.
| pp. 135 |

Common human biting mosquitoes in a forested area at Sungai Teling sector of Muda Reservoir, Kedah
A. Abu Hassan, M. Z. A. Rashid and Wahab A. Rahman
| pp. 139 |

Biting cycles of Anopheles vagus, Anopheles barbirostris and Anopheles sinensis in Northern Peninsular Malaysia
Wahab A. Rahman, Adanan Che Ros and Abu Hassan Ahmad
| pp. 143 |

Initial growth performance of three indigenous timber species under different fertilizer regimes
Nik Muhamad Majid, Bimal K. Paudyal and Ah cheang Ak Taheing
| pp. 145 |

In vitro inhibition of fish pathogens by an antibiotic from Streplomyces griseobrunneiu (p-33)
R. Balugurunathan and A. Suhramaniam
| pp. 149 |

Protease activities of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. aiuiwai SN-2 during growth and formation of parasporal crystals
Gan Lee Lee, Ng Shau Fean and Nor M. Mahadi
| pp. 151 |

Effects of Burkholderia pseudomallei culture supernatant on murine macrophage functions
M. Danial Yahya, A. Rahim Othman and Noor Azlin Mokhtar
| pp. 155 |

Cytotoxic and antimicrobial properties of Nepenthes species
A.H. S. Hock. A. M. Ali. M. Eshaghi, R. Zainal and M. S. M. Said
| pp. 159 |

Copper distribution in the oil palm tree
A. Salam Abdullah, H. M. Khairi and M. A. Rujion
| pp. 163 |



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