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Malay. Appl. Biol. (December 2000) 29(1&2): 35-42



School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800, Penang, Malaysia


The effect of four different stocking densities (23, 46, 62 and 80 fish nr2) on various growth parameters of Hemibagrut nemurus raised in portable canvas tanks was investigated. Higher stocking densities negatively affect factors such as specific growth rate, food utilization, conditioning factor and the variance of fish weight. Water quality parameters analysis also showed that high stocking densities lowered overall DO levels and increased both ammonia and nitrite concentrations. However, the water conditions did not reached levels critical to the survival of the fishes. Based on Uective observation of the above-mentioned factors, the 46 ind nr2 stocking level is proposed as the optimum density for intensive culture of H. nemurus in canvas tanks.


Kesan empat kadar penstokkan (23, 46, 62 dan 80 ikan nr2) ke atas berbagai parameter tumbesaran ikan baung Hemibagrus nemurus yang dikultur dalam tanki kanvas mudahalih telah dikaji. Kadar penstokkan yang lebih tinggi secara negatif mempengaruhi faktor-faktor seperti kadar tumbesaran spesifik. Penggunaan makanan, faktor kondisi dan varians berat ikan. Analisa kualiti air juga menunjukkan kadar penstokkan yang tinggi mengurangkan paras oksigen terlarut dan meningkatkan paras ammonia dan nitrit. Namun, tahap-tahap ini tidak mencapai nilai-nilai yang memudaratkan keadaan ikan. Berdasarkan pemerhatian faktor-faktor di atas secara kolektif, kadar penstokkan 46 ikan nr2 dicadangkan sebagai kadar optimum untuk pengkulturan anak ikan baung dalam tangki kanvas

Key words: Hemibagrus nemurus, stocking density, canvas tanks.


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