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Malay. Appl. Biol. (December 2000) 29{1&2): 55-



1 Entomology Research Institute Loyola College, Chennai - 600 034, Tamil Nadu, India
2 Applied Entomology, ETH Zentrum, Clausiusstr 25 CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland


The uses of plant leaf extract treated jute bags and the larval parasitoid Dinarmus vagabundus to protect the proteinaceous seeds of cowpea from the infestation and damage by the notorious seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus were investigated. When cowpea seeds were stored in plant leaf extract treated jute bags, egg laying by the beetle and its adult emergence as well as seed damage were reduced. Treatments with 5. 10 and 15% concentrations of aqueous leaf extracts from ten indigenous plants were evaluated. Leaf extracts of A. indica, V. negundo, C. collinus and J. curcas at all concentrations were effective against C. maculatus infestation. The highest percentage of parasitism was noted when cowpea seeds were stored in A. indica and V. negundo leaf extract (5%) treated jute bags. Thus, such treatment of jute bags and introduction of parasitoid protect the cowpea seeds in storages against C. maculatus.


Kegunaan beg jut yang telah dirawat dengan ekstrak daun tumbuhan dan parasitoid larval Dinarmus vagabundus untuk melindungi biji berprotein kacang duduk daripada serangan kumbang perosak Callosobruchus maculatus telah dikaji. Apabila biji kacang duduk disimpan dalam beg jut yang telah dirawat dengan ekstrak daun tumbuhan, aktiviti bertelur, kemunculan kumbang dewasa serta kerosakan pada biji didapati berkurang. Rawatan dengan ekstrak daun berakua berkepekatan 5, 10 dan 15% daripada 10 tumbuhan telah dinilai. Ekstrak daun daripada A. indica, V. negundo, C. collinus dan J. curcas pada kesemua kepekatan didapati berkesan terhadap infestasi C. maculatus. Peratusan tertinggi aktiviti parasit diperhatikan apabila biji kacang duduk disimpan di dalam beg jut yang telah dirawat ekstrak daun (5%) A. indica dan V. negundo. Maka, rawatan sedemikian terhadap beg jut dan memasukkan parasitoid didapati melindungi biji kacang duduk daripada serangan C. maculatus ketika dalam simpanan.

Key words: Callosobruchus maculatus, Dinarmus vagabundus, botanicals protectants, egg output, adull emergence.


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