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Volume 35(1): June 2006

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Propanil resistance in red sprangletop [Leptochloa chinensis (l.) nees.] in the rice fields of Kelantan, Malaysia
Chuah, T.S., Hartini, M., Adzemi, M.A. and Ismail, B.S.

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Crystalline style and byssus of Perna viridis as indicators of ni bioavailabilities and contamination in coastal waters of Peninsular Malaysia
Yap, C.K., Ismail, A., Cheng, W.H., Edward, F.B. and Tan, S.G.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 7 |

Ecology and response of Amorphophallus borneensis (engl.) engl. & gehrm to shading
Ipor, I.B., Tawan, C.S., Zaini, R., Singka, R.C., Simon, A. and Sidi, M.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 15 |

Meristic and length-weight relationship of ponyfishes (leiognathidae) in the coastal water of Pulau Sibu-Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
Mazlan, A.G. and Seah, Y.G.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 27 |

Genetic polymorphisms of two Y chromosome markers (dys287 and dys385) in a Kadazan-Dusun population sample from East Malaysia
Lian, L.H. and Koh, C.L.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 37 |

Detection of acrosome in mouse sperm incubated in vitro using fluorescence staining technique
Nooraain, H., Abdullah, R.B. and Durriyyah, S.H.A.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 43 |

Vancomycin resistant enterococci (vre) in poultry, vegetable, environmental and clinical sources
Ooi, W.L., Haryiani, Y., Lesley, M.B., Tunung, R., Jurin, W.G., Wong, C.M.V.L., CheaH, Y.K. and Son, R.

| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 49 |

Survival of Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum isolated from breast-fed infants to simulated gastric ph environment
Stephenie, W., Yap, K.W., Barka, M.K., Shuhaimi, M., Rosfarizan, M. and Yazid, A.M
| Abstract & References | Full text PDF | pp. 57 |

Short Communication

Does host size and virus sources influence the production of polyhedra inclusion body (pib) by the nuclear polyhedrosis viruses (npv) of Plutella xylostella (pxnpv) and Spodoptera exigua (senpv)
Idris, A.B., Norazlin, M.A. and Hussan, A.K.

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Could the occurrence of shell deformities in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis (linnaeus), collected from the west coast of peninsular malaysia, be related to heavy metal contamination ?
Yap, C.K., Ismail, A., Tan, S.G. and Rahim Ismail, A.

| Full text PDF | pp. 67 |

Molecular cloning and sequencing of metallothionein gene from Eleusine indica
Nik Marzuki, S., Shaiful, A.S., Chin, I.S., Belinda, M.Y.S., Mushrifah, I.,Shahrul Hisham, Z.A. and Sahidan, S.

| Full text PDF | pp. 71 |

A preliminary assessment of sperm abnormalities in insectivorous bats from Peninsular Malaysia
Siti-Tafzilmeriam, S.A.K., Azila, M.Y.R., Sharena, S.,Kamis, A.B. and Zubaid, A.

| Full text PDF | pp. 75 |

Sex determination of Sahiwal - Friesian crossbreed using dys6 microsatellite
Mahanem, M.N., Lai, W.H. and Sharif, H.

| Full text PDF | pp. 79 |



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