Malaysian Applied Biology Journal

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Volume 44(4): December 2015

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover : Anatomical stele apex structure of Psilotum nudum (L.) P. Beauv. Photo courtesy of Affina Eliya Aznal Affenddi.

Review Article

Applying molecular genetics to underutilised species – problems and opportunities


Sean Mayes, Wai Kuan Ho, Presidor Kendabie, Hui Hui Chai, Siise Aliyu, Aryo Feldman, Razlin Azman Halimi, Festo Massawe and Sayed Azam-Ali

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 805 KB)| pp. 1 |


Research Articles

Anatomy of symbiotic fungal endophytes in Psilotum nudum (L.) P. Beauv

Affina, E., Noraini, T. and Nazlina, I.

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 1226 KB)| pp. 11 |

Cloning, heterologous expression and characterisation of a recombinant cellobiohydrolase from Humicola insolens ATCC16454 in Pichia pastoris


Amatul Samahah Md Ali, Farah Diba Abu Bakar, Rosli Md Illias, Osman Hassan and Abdul Munir Abdul Murad

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 480 KB)| pp. 19 |

A non-invasive technique for sex determination of monomorphic birds


Jessey Angat and Farida Zuraina Md Yusof

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 61 KB)| pp. 27 |


Establishment of sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) shoot from zygotic embryo in MS medium sumpplemented with different concentrations of benzylaminopurine.


Nur Suraya Abdullah, Noorshilawati Abdul Aziz and Asmah Awal

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 643 KB)| pp. 31 |

The behaviours and night disturbances of the green turtle in Penang Island, Peninsular Malaysia


Sarahaizad Mohd Salleh and Shahrul Anuar Mohd Sah

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 116 KB)| pp. 37 |


Analysis of bioactive phytochemical compounds of two medicinal plants horsetail Equisetum arvense and Alchemila valgaris seeds by using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy


Huda Jasim Altameme, Imad Hadi Hameed and Nidaa Adnan Abu-Serag

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF | Supplemantal Figures ( 391 KB)| pp. 47 |

Insect species composition in an under SRI management in Tanjung Karang, Selangor, Malaysia


Rabibah Razali, Salmah Yaakop, Maimon Abdullah, Siti Zafirah Ghazali and Ameyra Aman Zuki

| Abstract & References Full Text PDF ( 1051 KB)| pp. 59 |


Research Note

New combination of primer pairs for PCR-DGGE detection of soil ciliates


Lee Ting Ting, Wong Sing King, Lau Wei Hong and Siti Ramlah Ahmad Ali

| Full Text PDF ( 443 KB)| pp. 67 |


Genetic diversity of Eurycoma longifolia Jack using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker in forest reserve of Kenegarian Rumbio, Indonesia


Rosmaina, Rachmat Ashari and Zulfahmi

| Full Text PDF ( 854 KB)| pp. 73 |


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