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Volume 45(1): June 2016

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover : Propylea quatuordecempunctata L larva on their host-plant. Photo courtesy of SK M RAHAMAN

Review Article

Plant taxonomy in Malaysia: An appraisal

A. Latiff

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 74 KB)| pp. 1 |

Research Articles

Study on morphological characteristics of the ladybird beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and their host-plants posibility in Joensuu, Finland

SK M Rahaman and Aniszewski, T.

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 382 KB)| pp. 13 |

Bioprospecting mangroves: Antioxidant source and habitat for the endemic Bubalus sp in Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park, Indonesia

Andi Septiana, Jamili, Wa Ode Harlis and Kangkuso Analuddin

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 921 KB)| pp. 23 |

Management of tomato damping-off using natural plant extracts, Trichoderma harzianum and selected fungicides in Penjween, Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan, Iraq

Jalal H. S. Ismael and Shler  H. Mahmood

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 303 KB)| pp. 35 |

Accuracy of transrectal ultrasonography: In estimating the gestational age of Jamnapari goats

Faisal Abubakar, Asmad Kari, Zawawi Ismail, Abdul Rashid Baba and Tijjani Haruna Usman

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 149 KB)| pp. 49 |

Implications of patch size and landscape matrix towards native-forest bird species in fragmented forests

Farah Shafawati Mohd-Taib, Shukor Md-Nor and Saiful Arif Abdullah

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 455 KB)| pp. 55 |

Genetic diversity of domestic and commercial turkey breeds: Assessment using RAPD-PCR technique

Yousif M. S. Al-Barzinji and Aram O. Fatah

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 226 KB)| pp. 65 |

Active compound, antioxidant, antiproliferative and effect on STZ induced zebrafish of various crude extracts from Boletus qriseipurpureus

Sutha Muniandy, Fauzi Daud, Sahidan Senafi, Mahanem Mat Noor, Malina Kumaran, Andi Norafiqah Andik Mohd Alwi, Ayumawarni Yusni Yeng Jee Long, Rahimah Binti Mohamad Zuki, Janet Salomi Isac, Subhashini Krishnan, Deeviya Gobalan, Yi Chieh Lim, Azwan Mat Lazim and Shazrul Fazry

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 818 KB)| pp. 69 |

Effects of dietary supplementation of lysine and methionine in tempeh-based diet on growth performance and feed utilization of E. fuscoguttatus, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus juveniles.

Wei-Kang Chor, Leong-Seng Lim, Rossita Shapawi

| Abstract & References | Full Text PDF ( 72 KB)| pp. 81 |

Research Note

A preliminary molecular phylogeny of Selaginellaceae of Peninsular Malaysia based on RBCL and ATPB markers.

Haja Maideen and Nurfarahain Zainal

| Full Text PDF ( 205 KB)| pp. 89 |

Optimization of partial CYT b gene sequence from selected ancient Presbytis museum skin specimens

Aifat, N.R., Yaakop, S. and Md-Zain, B. M

| Full Text PDF ( 326 KB)| pp. 93 |


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