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Volume 46(3): October 2017

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover : Fungal colonization of green sea turtle eggshells. Photo courtesy of Dr. Siti Nordahliawate M. Sidique.


Review Articles

A Review on Incidences of Foodborne Diseases and Interventions For A Better National Food Safety System in Malaysia

Wahida Salleh, Mohd Nizam Lani, Wan Zawiah Wan Abdullah, Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek and Zaiton Hassan


Research Articles

Lactogenic Effects of Tannin and Aglycone Form of Aqueous Extract (AFAE) from Musa x paradisiaca Flower on Lactating Rats

Azizah Mahmood, Noor Salihah, Muhammad Nor Omar and Nurziana Ngah

Optimisation of Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis of Mud Crab (Scylla sp.) to Obtain Maximum Antioxidant 15

Activity Using Response Surface Methodology

Zaliha Harun, Amiza Mat Amin, Norizah Mhd Sarbon, Mohamad Khairi Mohd Zainol and Kazi Nazira Sharmin

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 200 KB)| pp. 15 |

Effect of Pre-Treatment on Physical Properties, Ascorbic Acid and ?-Carotene Content of Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Hibrimas (Zea mays var Saccharata Bailey) Variety

Zamzahaila Mohd Zin, Phang Yan Man, Zuraidah Nasution, Chong Kah Hui and Mohamad Khairi Zainol

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 159 KB)| pp. 23 |

Optimisation of Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis of Mud Crab (Scylla sp.) to Obtain Maximum Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory (ACEI) Activity Using Response Surface Methodology

Zaliha Harun, Amiza Mat Amin, Norizah Mhd Sarbon and Mohamad Khairi Mohd Zainol

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 442 KB)| pp. 33 |

Antioxidative Properties of Selected Micro-Encapsulated Plants Powder Prepared Using Ultrasonic Spray-Drying Technique

Mohamad Khairi Zainol, Lew Hew Wern, Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Fauzi, Ng Khai Shin, Nurhakimah Razman, Nur Fazila Kadimi, Amir Izzwan Zamri, Zamzahaila Mohd Zin, Fisal Ahmad, Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek and Hasmadi Mamat

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 937 KB)| pp. 41 |

Effect of Sodium Acetate, Chilli and Turmeric on The Shelf Life of Refrigerated Tilapia Fillet

Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek, Amiza Mat Amin, Norhidayah Jusoh, Suhana Muhamad Hanidun, Nasrenim Suhaimin, Zarina Mohd Shariff and Saadiah Ibrahim

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 336 KB)| pp. 51 |

Biofilm Formation of Salmonella enterica and The Central Role of RpoS Sigma Factor in Stress Resistance

Wan Zawiah Wan Abdullah, Bernard M. Mackey and Kimon-Andreas G. Karatzas

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 69 KB)| pp. 59 |


Determination of The Relative Effects of Temperature, pH and Water Activity in Food Systems: A Meta-Analysis Study

Wan Zawiah W. Abdullah, Bernard M. Mackey and Kimon- Andreas G. Karatzas

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 66 KB)| pp. 67 |

Microbiological Evaluation on Raw Materials and Food Contact Surfaces of ‘Keropok Lekor’ Premises in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu and Their Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Mohd Nizam Lani, Tan Ai Peng, Zarizal Suhaili and Zaiton Hassan

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 216 KB)| pp. 71 |

Morphological Identification of Weevil and Fungal Pathogen Associated With Sweet Potato Tuber During Storage

Nur Aida, H., Mohammad Zarith, Z., Siti Nor Shuhada A., Khadijah, S., Basari, N., Shamsul Bahri, A.R. and Nurul Faziha, I.

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 480 KB)| pp. 81 |

Microbiological Quality and pH Changes of Honey Produced By Stingless Bees, Heterotrigona itama and Geniotrigona thoracica Stored at Ambient Temperature

Mohd Nizam Lani, Amirah Hazirah Zainudin, Shamsul Bahri Abdul Razak, Azlina Mansor and Zaiton Hassan

AbstractFull Text PDF ( 144 KB)| pp. 89 |


Adverse Reactions to Foods (ARFS) in Children: Parental Knowledge, Awareness and Behaviour

Asma Ali, Hayati Mohd Yusof and Chong Set Lin

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 69 KB)| pp. 97 |


Knowledge and Attitude on Consumption of Iron Supplement Among Pregnant Women in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

Chai Ern Theng, Noor Salihah Zakaria and Hayati Mohd Yusof

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 65 KB)| pp. 105 |

Assessing Walking Steps and Its Relationship With Nutritional Status Among Adults in Kuala Terengganu

Leong Rhu Chyi, Asma’ Ali, Noor Salihah Zakaria and Hayati Mohd Yusof

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 72 KB)| pp. 113 |

Evaluation of Dietary Intake and Quality of Life on Risk of Osteoporosis Among Adults in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Ang Shiao Ying, Khairil Syazmin Kamaruddin and Hayati Mohd Yusof

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 60 KB)| pp. 123 |


Comparative Study of Consumers’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Food Safety and Purchase Intention of Night Market Foods Containing Poultry in Low and High Food Poisoning Cases States

Lieong Sook Theng, Siti Aisyah Binti Mohammed Adnan, Normardiana Mohammad Jaafar, Siti Nur’afifah Jaafar and Norainy Mahyudin

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 78 KB)| pp. 131 |

Food Choice Motives, Overall Attitudes and Purchase Intentions Towards Fresh Fabricated Beef at Kuala Terengganu

Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek, Siti Norashikin, Fisal Ahmad and Rahijan Abdul Wahab

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 148 KB)| pp. 143 |

Distribution Patterns of Baetis (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) as Tolerant Taxa in Freshwater Biological Monitoring

Suhaila, A.H., Siti Hamidah, I. and Nur Aida, H.

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 243 KB)| pp. 151 |


Diversity and Guild Structure of Insects During Rice Flowering Stage at A Selected Rice Field in Penang, Malaysia

Nur Aida Hashim, Masniza Abd Aziz, Norasmah Basari, Khadijah Saad, Aiman Hanis Jasmi and Suhaila Ab Hamid

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 247 KB)| pp. 161 |


Larval Instars Determination and Secondary Production of The Mayfly Baetis Idei (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) from Rivers in The Bukit Merah Catchment Area, Perak

Siti Hamidah, I., Suhaila, A.H. and Nur Aida, H.

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 598 KB)| pp. 171 |


The Infestation of Cylas formicarius (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Brentidae) and Its Effect on Post-Harvest Quality of Storage Sweet Potatoes

Nur Aida Hashim, Nurul Adawiyah Zulkifli, Khadijah Saad and Norasmah Basari

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 657 KB)| pp. 185 |


First Report of Fusarium Species at Nesting Sites of Endangered Sea Turtles in Terengganu and Melaka, Malaysia

Siti Nordahliawate Mohamed Sidique, Nurul Farizah Azuddin and Juanita Joseph

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 718 KB)| pp. 195 |

The Impact of New Incentive Schemes on Regional Competitiveness and Comparative Advantage of East and West Coast Paddy Production in Peninsular Malaysia

Norhidayah Che Soh, Mohd Mansor Ismail and Adzemi Mat Arshad

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 54 KB)| pp. 207 |


Differences in Leaf Pigments Content and Stomata Distribution Across Eight Hevea Species

Iffah Hazirah, M.N., Suhaizan, L., Shamsul Bahri, A.R., Nurul Faziha, I. and Ong Chin Wei

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 456 KB)| pp. 213 |


Growth Development and Natural Infection Incidence of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) on Silicon-Treated Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) Cultivated in Commercial Soil

Suhaizan Lob, Mohammad Nurazri Mohd Aris, Siti Nordahliawate Mohamed Sidique, Nurul Faziha Ibrahim and Xiaolei Jin

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 232 KB)| pp. 221 |


Composition and Identification of Pollen Collected By Stingless Bee (Heterotrigona itama) in Forested and Coastal Area of Terengganu, Malaysia

Suhaizan Lob, Norezienda Afiffi, Shamsul Bahri Abdul Razak, Nurul Faziha Ibrahim and Iffah Hazirah Mohd Nawi

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 671 KB)| pp. 227 |

Soluble Silicon (Si) as Potential Treatment of Post Harvest Decay Caused By Fusarium proliferatum

Nur Azlin, A., Shuhada, Z., Najwa, J., Xiaolei Jin and Siti Nordahliawate M. Sidique

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 143 KB)| pp. 233 |


Protein Profiling of Hevb1 and Hevb3 in Hevea Species Obtained from The 1995 Germplasm Collection

Nurul Faziha, I., Shamsul Bahri, A.R., Suhaizan, L., Iffah Hazirah, M.N. and Ngadin, A.A.

Abstract Full Text PDF ( 300 KB)| pp. 239 |


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