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Volume 26(1): June 1997

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Effects of sodium chloride on cellulase production by Aspergillus terreus SUK-1
W. Y. Wan Mohtar, O. Othman, J. Kader, S. Suresh and J. Shree Mario
| Abstract & References | pp. 1 |

Comparative leaf anatomical studies of some Heritiera Dryand species (Sterculiaceae)
Khatijah Hussin, Zaharina Mohamat Sani and Fauziyah Mohd Zain
| Abstract & References | pp. 7 |

Acute toxicity of neem based pesticides on Lymnaea acuminata
Kiran Singh and O.K. Singh
| Abstract & References | pp.15 |

Detection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli associated with diarrhoea by biotinylated heat-stable enterotoxin (ST) DNA probe
Son Radu, G. Rasul, M.I.A. Karim and K. Yusoff
| Abstract & References | pp. 19 |

Antiviral activity of (s)-9-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl) adenine (HPMPA) against equine herpesvirus type-1 (EHV-1) in mice
M.L. Mohd-Azmi and H.J. Field
| Abstract & References | pp. 25 |

Cytogenetics of interspecific hybrids and backcross progenies from Oryza saliva x O.minuta crosses
A.L. Mariam, A.H. Zakri, M.C. Mahani and M.N. Normah
| Abstract & References | pp. 33 |

Effects of garlic (Allium sativum L.) bulb volatiles on development and reproduction of rice moth (Coreyra cephalonica Stainton)
G. Gurusubramaniam, P.D. Partho and S.S. Krishna
| Abstract & References | pp. 39 |

Biodiversity of arthropods of wet paddy ecosystems in Malaysia
S.T.S. Hassan and MM. Rashid
| Abstract & References | pp. 45 |

Evaluation and variability of eggplant (Solatium melongena L.) complex in Malaysia
Sayed M.Z. Hasan and Hiryati Abdullah
| Abstract & References | pp. 55 |

Truncation selection of ortets for clonal evaluation in cocoa
Shaharudin Saamin
| Abstract & References | pp. 63 |

Chrysopidae attraction to floral fragrance chemicals and its vertical distribution in a Malaysian lowland tropical forest
Ahmad S. Sajap, Kaoru Maeto, Kenji Fukuyama, Faujan B.H. Ahmad and Yaacob A. Wahab
| Abstract & References | pp. 75 |

Optimisation of the immunoperoxidase method for the detection of keratin using polyclonal antikeratin antibody
Wan Zurinah Wan Ngah, Ng Mee Lian, Janagee Bai Sinnadurai and Nor Aripin Shamaan
| Abstract & References | pp. 81 |

Pathogenicity studies on the seed-borne phases of Alternaria spp. on cauliflower and cabbage
Mohd. Imran Khan, Azizah Hashim, M. Abul-Fazal and Munawar Fazal
| Abstract & References | pp. 87 |

An additional bibliography of Malaysian lichenology
D.J. Galloway, L.B. Din and A. Latiff
| Abstract & References | pp. 93 |

Short Communication

Is Diadegma insulare (Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) a nectar or a pollen feeder?
A.B. Idris, A.M. Norhayati and E. Grafius
| pp. 101 |

Detection of Nosema bombycis (Naegeli) in diamondback moth using Giemsa stain
A.B. Idris, B.A.H. Zainal-Abidin and A.M. Norhayati
| pp. 105 |



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