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Volume 47(3): June 2018

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover : Morphology and anatomy of Cibotium barometz. Photo courtesy of Dr. Haja Maideen Kader Maideen.



Review Articles

Enabling intradialytic parenteral nutrition in maintenance haemodialysis patients in Malaysia: The What, Who and How Scenarios of Implementation?

Sadu Singh, B.K., Abdul Gafor, A.H., Fiaccadori, E. and Karupaiah, T.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 245 KB)| pp. 1|



Research Articles

DNA content and genome size of highly valued Malaysian agarwood, Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk

Siti Suhaila, A.R., Mohd. Saleh, N., Norwati, M., Mahani, M.C., Namasivayam, P. and Kandasamy, K.I.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 1,103 KB)| pp. 13|


Mosaic disease and chilli production on different altitudes in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Nurhayati Damiri, Mulawarman, Hamidson, H. and Supli E. Rahim

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 322 KB)| pp. 23|


Distribution, abundance, and clutch size of hawksbill turtle nests in Melaka, Malaysia

Sarahaizad Mohd Salleh, Shahrul Anuar Mohd Sah and Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 659 KB)| pp. 29|


Genetic variation of sago palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) samples from Mindanao, Philippines using internal transcribed spacer analysis

Enguito, R.Z.C. and Novero, A.U.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 563 KB)| pp. 39|


Analysis of historical landing data to understand the status of grouper populations in Malaysia

Mat Piah, R., Abdul Kadir, N.H., Kamaruddin, S.A., Azaman, M.N. and Ambak, M.A.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 576 KB)| pp. 49|


Biochemical and In-silico structural assessments of an Acinetobacter haemolyticus lipase KV1 isolated from an oil palm mill effluent

Kalaivani Batumalaie, Naji Arafat Mahat, Fahrul Huyop and Roswanira Abdul Wahab

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 635 KB)| pp. 59|


Degradation rate and half-life of termiticides in Malaysian sandy loam soil

Mohd Fawwaz Mohd Rashid and Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 258 KB)| pp. 71|


A systematic study on the genus Cibotium Kaulf. of Peninsular Malaysia

Haja Maideen, Yang Aminah Mohd Arbawi, Nuraliah Mohd Khaduwi and Nik Norhazrina Nik Mohd Kamil

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 695 KB)| pp. 79|


Melanocortin-3 receptor (MC3R) gene association with growth and egg production traits in fars indigenous chicken

Ameneh Mohammadifar and Mohammadreza Mohammadabadi

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 58 KB)| pp. 85|


Morphological characterization of dye producing Tom Java (Indigofera tinctoria, L.) in three islands of Indonesia

Muzzazinah, Tatik Chikmawati, Nunik Sri Ariyanti, Murni Ramli and Nurmiyati

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 510 KB)| pp. 91|


Phytochemical analysis and GC-MS profile of Royal Jelly from selected areas in Malaysia

Norhamidar Ab Hamid, Ainul Bahiyah Abu Bakar and Mahaneem Mohamed

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 150 KB)| pp. 101|


Effects of explant types and basal media on callus induction of Ficus deltoidea Jack var kunstleri (King) Corner

Zakiah Mustapha, Tajul Afif Abdullah, Dhiya Dalila Zawawi, Abdul Jamil Zakaria and Nor Hasima Mahmod

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 231 KB)| pp. 109|


The prediction of shelf life of local oranges using spectral information in UV-Visible-NIR region combined with partial least squares regression

Diding Suhandy, Dwi Dian Novita, Meinilwita Yulia, Arion Oktora and Yuni Kurnia Fitri

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 1,006 KB)| pp. 115|


Potency of a marine sponge from the genus Stylissa as anti hepatitis C agent

Suciati, Achmad Fauzi, Myrna Adianti and Achmad Fuad Hafid

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 71 KB)| pp. 121|


Antibacterial and wash durability activity of cotton fabric treated with Punicagranatum and Citrus limon peel extracts against skin pathogens

Rosida, A., Sharifah, S.S., Asdren, Z. and Nizam

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 283 KB)| pp. 129|



Research Notes

Preliminary findings on the activity patterns of the clouded leopard, Neofelis diardi, and its prey at Gunung Pueh National Park, Lundu, Sarawak

Ampeng, A., Shukor, M.N., Ahmad, S., Mohammad, H., Sabki, S., Liam, J., Osman, S., Bujang, M., Bujang, A. and Md-Zain, B.M.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 220 KB)| pp. 137|


Mangrove ecosystem as a source of L-methioninase-producing bacteria

Asep A. Prihanto, Happy Nursyam, Hefty S. Yufidasari and Lutfiana Lutfiana

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 273 KB)| pp. 141|


First report of stem canker disease on Acacia mangium induced by Lasiodiplodia theobromae and Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae species in Sabah, Malaysia

Mandy Maid, Azmah A. Latif, Edmund Gan, Najjah Salfinas, Crispin Kitingan, Colin R. Maycock and Wickneswari Ratnam

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 620 KB)| pp. 147|


A derivative of cinnamic acid, methyl-4-hydroxycinnamate modulates inflammatory cytokine levels in malaria-infected mice through inhibition of GSK3?

Suhaini Sudi, Wan Rozianoor Mohd Hassan, Amatul Hamizah Ali, Rusliza Basir, Noor Embi and Hasidah Mohd Sidek

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 130 KB)| pp. 153|


Diversity of mosquito larval habitats in human habitations within a rice cultivation area in Padang Serai, Kedah, Malaysia

Wan-Norafikah, O., Chen, C.D., Mohd-Amir, M.H., Azahari, A.H., Zainal-Abidin, A.H., Nazni, W.A., Mariam, M., Mohd-Shahizan, J. and Sofian-Azirun, M.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 141 KB)| pp. 159|


Contamination of potato dextrose agar by Megaselia scalaris (Loew) (Diptera: Phoridae)

Raja M. Zuha, Farhana Nadiah Abd Ghani, Jacinta Santhanam and R. Henry L. Disney

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 137 KB)| pp. 165|


Simvastatin exert opposing anti-proliferative effect on Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines HK1 and C666-1

Benedict Shi Xiang Lian, Kwok-Wai Lo, Alan Soo-Beng Khoo and Nethia Mohana-Kumaran

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 171 KB)| pp. 169|


Identification of Euplotes encysticus a starter live feed for marine fish larvae based on morphology and molecular sequences

Muhammad Mu’izzuddin Afandi, Shaidatul Nadia Waludin, Normawaty Mohammad Noor, Ing Chia Phang, Syusaku Kadowaki and Yukinori Mukai

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 341 KB)| pp. 175|


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