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Volume 47(4): October 2018

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover : Malaysian Red Seaweed "Gracilaria sp.". Photo courtesy of Dr. Suvik Assaw.

Research Articles

Consumption of dietary supplement and health-related quality of life among cancer survivors in Kuala Lumpur

Lee Sook Yin and Noor Salihah Zakaria

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 82 KB)| pp. 1|


Preliminary phytochemical screening and effect of hot water extraction conditions on phenolic contents and antioxidant capacities of Morinda citrifolia leaf

Chong Kah Hui, Nurul Izwanie Majid, Mohamad Khairi Mohd Zainol, Habsah Mohamad and Zamzahaila Mohd Zin

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 521 KB)| pp. 13|


Breakfast consumption and its relationship with cognitive performance among fishermen’s children in Terengganu

Tai Sin Wei and Asma’ Ali

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 68 KB)| pp. 25|


The milk index, blood biochemistry status and growth performance of local Malaysian cow (Bos sundoicus) fed Arthrospira platensis supplement

Lokman Shamsudin, Syarifah Ab Rashid, Azman Nirmal Abdullah, Wan Zahari Mohamed and Hafis Harres Lokman

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 131 KB)| pp. 35|


Determination of sugar composition of selected sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) and snack foods in Kelantan

Noor Fadzlina Hamid, Rohana Abdul Jalil, Roziyani Hashim, Amira Suriyati Mohd, Wan Rosli Wan Ishak, Nyi Nyi Naing, Chanida Pachotikarn, Lukkamol Prapkree,

Narisa Rueangsri and Shigeru Yamamoto

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 60 KB)| pp. 45|


Effects of fertilizers and media on biomass of Justicia gendarussa Burm f. cuttings

Norhidayah Che Soh, Nur Adnilaila Hamzah and Ramisah Mohd Shah

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 58 KB)| pp. 53|


An assessment on pre- and post-food hygiene training on food safety’s KAP level among food handlers in Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Nerus

Siti Murnirah Che Has, Siti Nur’ Afifah Jaafar and Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 541 KB)| pp. 61|


Nutrient composition of five selected glutinous rice-based traditional Malaysian kuih

Azizah Mahmood, Lye Yueen Mei, Mohd Fairulnizal Md Noh and Hayati Mohd Yusof

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 62 KB)| pp. 71|


Shelf life study and sensory evaluation of culinary product (‘Asam Pedas’ cube) using chitosan film

Adzaly, N.Z., Kasim, N., Watt Moey, S., Anvarali, M.N., Manshor, M.R., Abd Halim, K.H., Akbar, A. and Mohamad, H.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 72 KB)| pp. 79|


Preliminary observation on feeding behaviour and physical characteristics of goats following supplementation of Sesbania grandiflora leaves

Azrul-Lokman, M., Poungpong, K., Jittapalapong, S. and Prasanpanich, S.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 149 KB)| pp. 89|


Perceived value, customers’ satisfaction and behavioural intention in relation to seafood restaurants in Johor Bahru

Rahijan Abdul Wahab, Radin Nurdiyanah, Fisal Ahmad and Zainal Shukri, W.H.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 191 KB)| pp. 95|


A shelf life study: An evaluation on physicochemical properties and microbiological analysis of honey and Nigella sativa seed mixture during accelerated storage

Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek, Lau Yuke Chin, Fisal Ahmad, Zamzahaila Mohd Zin and Hayati Mohd Yusof

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 156 KB)| pp. 107|


Antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented catfish (Clarias gariepinus) as biocontrol of Sclerotium rolfsii infecting chili plants

Siti Fatimah Zakaria, Mohd Nizam Lani, Chuah Tse Seng, Fisal Ahmad, Khairul Mazmi Ahmad and Zaiton Hassan

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 520 KB)| pp. 117|


Antifungal activity of Hevea brasiliensis fresh latex and rubber processing effluent in relation to polyphenol composition and polyphenol oxidase activity as a possible protection approach against fungal disease

Mubarak, A., Ismun, A., Razak, S.B.A. and Ariffin, M.M.

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 261 KB)| pp. 127|


Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of polysaccharides and methanolic crude extracts of local edible red seaweed Gracilaria sp.

Suvik Assaw, Nurul Laili Rosli, Nur Adilah Mat Azmi, Noor Wini Mazlan and Noraznawati Ismail

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 502 KB)| pp. 135|


Physico-chemical analysis and antibacterial activity of raw honey of stingless bee farmed in coastal areas in Kelantan and Terengganu

Nor Hazwani Hasali, Amir Izzwan Zamri, Mohd Nizam Lani, Aidilla Mubarak, Fisal Ahmad and Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 65 KB)| pp. 145|


Genetic relationship of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) accessions from Malaysia and Indonesia using RAPD markers

Ramisah Mohd Shah, Mohd Said Saad, Nor Idzwana Mohd Idris and Husni Hayati Mohd Rafdi

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 129 KB)| pp. 153|


Effect of cutting part, planting media and fertilizer on growth performance of Justicia gendarussa Burm f.

Norhidayah Che Soh, Nur Adnilaila Hamzah and Ramisah Mohd Shah

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 59 KB)| pp. 161|


In vitro antifungal potential of Lactococcus lactis isolated from agricultural soils in Terengganu against anthracnose pathogen, Colletotrichum capsici

Muhammad Aiman Fakri, Mohd Nizam Lani, Chuah Tse Seng, Rozila Alias and Zaiton Hassan

| Abstract | Full Text PDF ( 177 KB)| pp. 169|


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