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Volume 32(1): June 2003

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

In vitro toxicity of Miconazole on rat hepatocytes: Involvement of Cytochrome P450
Somchit, M.N. and Nor-Snahida, A.R.
| Abstract & References | pp. 1 |

Effect of heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn) on the filtration rate of the Green-Lipped Mussel, Perna viridis (Linnaeus)
Yap, C.K., Ismail, A., Tan, S.G. and Omar, H.
| Abstract & References | pp. 7 |

The effect of Ml monoclonal antibody on in vivo fertilization in hamsters
Mahanem, M.N. and Dzulsuhaimi, D.
| Abstract & References | pp. 15 |

Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of water properties in breaded, fried chicken breasts
Maskat, M.Y. and Ken, W.L.
| Abstract & References | pp. 21 |

Sperm counts, abnormalities and viability in an insectivorous bat, Hipposideros Larvatus
Marina, M.T., Toy, T.W.. Wong, C.H., Zubaid, A. mdKamis, A.B.
| Abstract & References | pp. 29 |

Intra- and inter-serovars random amplification polymorphic DNA typing of Salmonella weltevreden, Salmonella Agona and Salmonella Hadar
Noorzaleha, A.S., Cheah, Y.K., Son, R. and Gulam, R.R.A.
| Abstract & References | pp. 35 |

Ranging behaviour of Tyto alba in a ricefield using radio telemetry
Hafidzi, M.N., Hamzah, M.H. and Jamaluddin, M.L.
| Abstract & References | pp. 45 |

Intertidal macrobenthic fauna: the food resources for Migratory Shorebirds in Kapar and Pantai Remis, Selangor Malaysia
Riak, KM, Ismail, A., Arshad, A. and Abdul-Rahim, I.
| Abstract & References | pp. 51 |

Medium formulation for improvement of growth and sporulation of Bacillus Thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki using a two-stage continuous culture
Wan-Mohtar, W.Y. and Mohd-Mazmira, M.M.
| Abstract & References | pp. 61 |

Effect of diet on the longevity of Apanteles metesae Nixon (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
Salmah, M., Idris, A.B. and Basri, M.W.
| Abstract & References | pp. 69 |

Estimation of genetic relatedness among Acacia mangium x Acacia auriculiformis hybrids
Wickneswari, R., Koh, S.C., Thi, B.K., Low, C.Y. and Tan, E.
| Abstract & References | pp. 73 |

Short Communication

Development of microplaque immunoperoxidase assay for detection of rotavirus in infected cells
Nazlina, I.
| pp. 81 |

The DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction optimization from the parasitic ichneumonid wasp (hymenoptera)
Nur-Azura, A., Hoong, F.B.M., Adura, M.A. and Idris, A.B.
| pp. 85 |



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