Malaysian Applied Biology Journal

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Volume 33(1): June 2004

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Journal of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Cover: Rafflesia oricei Meiier is an endemic scecies found in Borneo. Photograph courtesy of Kamarudin Mat Salleh.

Contamination of Temuan Orang Asli (Aborigine) household water with faecally-transmitted parasite
Lim, Y.A.L. and Ahmad, R.A.
| Abstract & References | pp. 1 |

Effects of thermal effluent discharge on estuarine fish community in Kapar, Malaysia
Samat, A., Mohd-Rozali, B.O., Asmizah, B.I. and Wan-Lofti, W.M.
| Abstract & References | pp. 7 |

Effect of ecological factors on the silk producing potential of mulberry silkworm ( Bombyx mori Linn.)
Upadhyay, V.B., Gaur, K.P. and Gupta, S.K.
| Abstract & References | pp.13 |

Comparison of endoglucanases from anaerobic rumen bacteria Fibrobacter succinogenes and Ruminococcus flavefadens
Wong, C.M.V.L., Sieo, C.C., Abdullah, N. and Ho, Y.W.
| Abstract & References | pp. 19 |

Recovery of transgenic chili using cotyledonary nodes via Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation
Izmanizan, I., Zamri, Z. and Siti-Norlidah, T.
| Abstract & References | pp. 27 |

Allometric relationships for estimating above and below ground biomass of saplings and trees of Bruguiera parviflora, (White and Arnold)
Mahmood, H., Saberi, O., Japar-Sidik, B., Misri, K. and Rajagopal, S.
| Abstract & References | pp. 37 |

Effects of trypshi on cross-fertilization capacity among sea urchins, Tripneustes gratilla, Pseudoboletia Indiana and Toxopneustes pileolus
Rahman, M.S., Uehara, T. and Hiratsuka, Y.
| Abstract & References | pp. 47 |

Solid state fermentation for lipase production by a locally isolated Aspergillus terreus USM E5 using rubberwood sawdust as substrate
How, S.P., Ooi, A.N. and Ibrahim, C.O.
| Abstract & References | pp. 53 |

Toxicological effects of stem bark of Thevetia peruviana and Alstonia scholaris on the freshwater snail Lymnaea acuminata
Singh, S.K., Yadav, R.P., Singh, D. and Singh, A.
| Abstract & References | pp. 61 |

Feeding habits of selected insectivorous bats in Perils, Malaysia
Zubaid, A., Idris, B.C. and Tan, D.
| Abstract & References | pp. 69 |

Oviposition deterrent and ovicidal activity of solvent extracts of 50 plants against the armyworm Spodoptera litura Fab. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Raja, N., Jayakumar, M., Elumalai, K., Jeyasankar, A., Muthu, C. and Ignacimuthu, S.
| Abstract & References | pp. 73 |

The shell of the Green-lipped mussel Perna viridis (Linnaues) as a biomonitoring material for Zn: Correlations of shells and geochemical fractions of surface sediments
Yap, C.K., Ismail, A. and Tan, S.G.
| Abstract & References | pp. 83 |

Comparative leaf anatomy of Morinda citrifolia L. and Morinda elliptica Ridl. (Rubiaceae)
Khatijah, H.H.
| Abstract & References | pp. 93 |

Short Communication

Expression analysis of Candida albicans NRG1 during growth under different stress conditions
Abdul-Munir, A.M., Brown, A.J.P. and Farah-Diba, A.B.
| pp. 99 |

A comparison of heavy metal (Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn) concentrations in the mussels (Perna viridis and Pema canaliculus) bought from supermarkets with those of biological samples reported from Malaysia
Yap, C.K., Ismail, A. and Tan, S.G.
| pp. 103 |



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